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New Jersey Property Attorneys

The help of a knowledgeable and skilled attorney is crucial to success within the wireless telecommunications industry.

At Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC, we understand the stringent demands of the wireless telecommunications industry, and we are prepared to competently assist providers in obtaining land use approvals and related issues.

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New Jersey Property Lawyers

After a lease has been negotiated and executed, the next step is seeking municipal, county, and state discretionary land use approvals. Whether a raw land site or a collocation on an existing rooftop, water tank or monopole, placement of the equipment necessary for wireless telecommunications services generally requires site plan, variance and zoning permit approvals. In almost every case, the initial application for a zoning permit is denied.

New Jersey has a relatively onerous process for obtaining discretionary land use approvals, complicated by the fact that different organizations or share jurisdiction over properties located in the Highlands, Meadowlands and Pinelands districts. Land use approval must be sought and obtained through these separate organizations, in addition to all of the other necessary municipal and county requirements.

Our telecommunications law attorneys understand the importance of creating a strong record that meets the current legal standards of the wireless telecommunications industry. We will collaborate with a team of engineers and planners as we:

  • File for variances before zoning and planning boards
  • Seek municipal and county site plan approval
  • Seek approvals from county soil conservation districts
  • Seek permits from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) in wetlands and Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) cases
  • Secure approvals from local municipal agencies including environmental and historic preservation commissions
  • Oversee the resolution compliance process
  • Assist with obtaining building permits
  • Negotiate Memorandums of Agreement with the State Historic Preservation Officer

Our telecommunications law attorneys have successfully litigated appeals of land use matters for wireless providers in the Superior Court, Appellate Division and Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Beyond seeking zoning approvals, we are also assist telecommunications carries with the public bidding process and leases negotiations.

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