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Ocean County Living Wills Attorneys

The estate planning lawyers of Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC understand the unfortunate reality: Important, and very personal, decisions regarding your healthcare can be left up to somebody else when you become unable to express them yourself.

Creating a living will/advance healthcare directive will ensure that your wishes for your own medical treatment and healthcare are respected, in the event that you are not able to make these wishes known.

Contact our Toms River living wills lawyers today online or by telephone at 888-276-1590 to schedule a consultation.

New Jersey Healthcare Directive Lawyers

Under New Jersey law, an individual has the option of creating a living will and advance healthcare directive as part of a comprehensive estate plan.

A living will or advance healthcare directive (often used interchangeably) is a written statement of the medical treatment or healthcare you wish to receive (or do not wish to receive) in certain medical situations. A living will allows you to assert your wishes when you are not otherwise able to do so.

As you consider planning for your future healthcare needs through creating a living will and/or advance healthcare directive, it is important to ask yourself these (sometimes difficult) questions:

  • Which individual should I designate to make medical decisions on my behalf?
  • Does he or she know what my wishes are regarding medical treatment and ongoing healthcare in the event of sudden, unexpected incapacitation? Have I considered what my wishes are?
  • Does my current and/or expected health condition necessitate that I specify contingencies regarding specific medical treatment and ongoing health care in the event of my incapacitation?
  • Do I have an existing living will/advance health care directive that must be updated to reflect my current situation?

At Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC, we provide skilled and compassionate counsel in the creation of your living will/advance healthcare directive, which reflects your answers to the above questions. Our experienced attorneys will work hard to achieve your peace of mind, throughout the process and going forward. We can also assist with drafting powers of attorney.

Ocean County Estate Law Firm

If you are interested in protecting your wishes in your future medical treatment and health care, please contact the New Jersey healthcare directive attorneys at Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC. Contact us today by sending an e-mail or by calling us toll free at 888-276-1590. We serve clients throughout New Jersey.