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Toms River Probate Attorneys

Disputes over probate and estate administration can be extremely contentious and threaten the very fabric that holds your family together. Unfortunately, litigation is sometimes necessary.

The estate planning lawyers of Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC have substantial skill and experience representing heirs, beneficiaries, executors and administrators in probate and estate litigation.

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New Jersey Estate Administration Lawyers

When your friend or loved one has died without a will, his or her estate will enter probate so that the assets and estate may be distributed as outlined by statute. Probate litigation may become necessary throughout this process — for example when a party contests this distribution due to the alleged existence of a will.

However, even when your loved one has carefully planned his or her estate, conflicts sometimes arise regarding the distribution of his or her estate. Litigation over estate administration usually involves events surrounding the creation of documents involved in the estate plan such as wills and trusts, living wills/healthcare directives and powers of attorney. Common disputes that may arise include:

  • Valuation of assets and property
  • Challenge due to formation issues or allegations of undue influence or incompetence (also called will contests)
  • Accusations of improper handling or mismanagement of funds

Our probate and estate litigation attorneys will investigate the specific facts of your situation, including gathering potential witnesses and evidence in order to prepare a strong case. At trial, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected.

Ocean County Will Contest Law Firm

Please contact the New Jersey estate administration attorneys at Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione, Dunn & Beck, PC for assistance with probate and estate litigation. Contact us today by sending an e-mail or by calling us toll-free at 888-276-1590. We have helped satisfied clients throughout New Jersey.